UnifiedViews is a joint project mainly driven by Semantic Web Company (SWC) and Semantica.cz (Semantica.cz). It has been available since late 2012, supported by the LOD2 FP7 project. It is a Java-based Linked (Open) Data Management Suite to schedule and monitor required tasks (e.g. preform reoccurring extraction, transformation and load processes) for smooth and efficient Linked (Open) Data Management to support web-based Linked Open Data portals (LOD platforms) as well as sustainable Enterprise Linked Data integrations inside of organisations.    

Basic Concept: Data processing tasks modelled as pipelines

The basic idea of UnifiedViews is to provide a tool for data workers in organisations to easily manage the normalisation of information and data from several internal and / or external data sources in a central data & knowledge store to handle the following topics:

  • Continuous updating mechanisms from several data sources into a centralised store via the UnifiedViews Data Manager
  • Caching mechanisms for external (mostly Open Data) sources into a centralised store via the UnifiedViews Data Manager to ensure permanent availability of all data & information for further re-use
  • User friendly monitoring and alert mechanisms to ensure transparency of all
    relevant data management jobs
  • Easy to use scheduling mechanisms for all data sources and all data relevant tasks in e.g extraction - transformation - loading (ETL) processes

Furthermore UnifiedViews provides the following features:

  • Flexible plugin system to develop required data processing units (DPUs) for Linked (Open) Data Management for several data sources and formats (APIs, XLM, CSV, RDF beside many others)
  • Comprehensive and constantly growing DPU library for further re-use and
  • Stable and performant technologies based on the Java and openRDF Sesame.

UnifiedViews was partly financed by the FP7 project LOD2 as well as developed for & supported by a REEEP project for reegle.info - and is already in use at the reegle.info Clean Energy Information Portal as well as for the Publishing and Media Use Case of LOD2 of Wolters Kluwer Germany. Parts of the fundamental work for UnifiedViews (basic work for the initial version called Linked Open Data Manager) were also supported by the Eurostars SCMS Project.

UnifiedViews is available under GPLv3 and thereby for any non-commercial use and re-use! See more information at the UnifiedViews GitHub page.

Additional resources and further information for UnifiedViews can be found here: