Semantic PowerTagging for Drupal

The PowerTagging module is able to analyse content from Drupal nodes including file attachements. PowerTagging annotates content auomatically with concepts from a thesaurus or taxonomy by using all their names (incl. synonyms). Users can curate all suggested tags or can also index collections of Drupal content nodes automatically resulting in a semantic index. This makes search more comfortable than ever before.

  • Automatically annotate content in Drupal based on controlled vocabularies.
  • Categorize content by selected concepts (tags).
  • Enhance search by considering synonyms.

  Backend                                                      Frontend



Taxonomy controlled tagging
Tag your Drupal content with concepts out of your PoolParty thesaurus and additional custom tags.
Free and guided tagging
PowerTagging can do the work for you by extracting the content of your entity and offering you concepts and already existing free terms that fit best.
Auto completion an already used tags
Easily customize your entity's tags with manual tags combined with an auto-completion of already used tags.
Include attached files
Attached files of an Drupal node can also be used to identify the most fitting concepts of this entity.
Multiple Drupal content types supported
Entity types "node", "user" and "taxonomy term" are currently supported to be tagged.
Multilingual thesauri and therefore multilingual tagging is supported.
Bulk tagging
Your whole content can be tagged automatically at once via Bulk-Tagging.


Don´t re-invent the wheel again and again, make use of already existing information. Save time and money and leverage your knowledge work. PowerTagging will help to fulfill these tasks when generating rich contents more efficiently than ever before.