Semantic Knowledge Base for SharePoint


Semantic Knowledge Base (SKB) is a Web Part that help users to browse, navigate and search over enterprise vocabularies and even more complex knowledge graphs. SKB helps users to understand complex domains by providing graph-based views.

This Web Part helps knowledge workers to acquire information about complex domains without the need to leave the SharePoint environment. Based on knowledge graphs which describe certain fields of knowledge more accurate than tables or simple document collections would do,  this Web Part offers ways to understand relations between ‘things’ very quickly and also provides highly comfortable search assistants.

Semantic Knowledge Base offers the following features:

  • Graph based navigation over complex knowledge domains
  • Facilities to learn and understand relations between all kind of business objects quickly
  • Search assistants like auto-complete and faceted navigation

Your benefit

  • Highly efficient system to support employees with their daily knowledge work
  • Support of various application scenarios: e-learning, enterprise glossaries, help desk, etc.
  • Underlying knowledge models can be extended easily and can grow in parallel to your company!