Semantic Drupal Modules

Semantic Drupal Modules are the result of combining two major fields of expertise at Semantic Web Company: we bring together content management and data portals based on Drupal plus linked data and semantic web technologies based on PoolParty.

Our Drupal applications Enriched by Semantic Web & Linked Open Data Technologies

  • (Open) Data Portals and Knowledge Platforms
  • Community Systems and Matchmaking Services
  • News Aggregation Services & Topic Pages
  • Semantic Search

Get Semantics into your Drupal - Partner with us

  • Our modules and solutions are ready to be implemented by integrators of Drupal Systems.
  • Just use our Semantic Drupal Modules out-of-the-box, or partner with us to realise customized solutions for your clients.
  • Many of our projects are done in collaboration with the Drupal Community.

We are happy to invite you for a partnership as well as we would like to join one of your future projects in the fields of Data Portals, Knowledge Platforms, Community Platforms and News Aggregators by providing Semantic Services.