PoolParty Thesaurus Server

  • PoolParty Thesaurus Server (PPT) is an advanced software platform to manage enterprise metadata and linked data based on semantic knowledge models (taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies and knowledge graphs)
  • PPT's metadata management is strictly based on W3C's Semantic Web standards RDF, OWL and SKOS
  • The software combines knowledge modelling with text mining and linked data mapping technologies
  • PoolParty's APIs (based on W3C's SPARQL standard) allow the integration of semantic technologies with other systems like search engines, CMS, DMS, web shops or Wikis
  • In addition, PoolParty Enterprise Server offers highly performant services for entity extraction over large document collections, which are based on PoolParty Extractor.


PoolParty Thesaurus Server: Three Different versions

The PoolParty Basic Server is a great tool to create and maintain SKOS thesauri. It comes with a comfortable editor incl. drag & drop, autocomplete etc. and provides useful features like Excel import or a visual browser. It also builds the basis for PowerTagging integrations with Confluence, Drupal or WordPress.

Additionally, the PoolParty Advanced Server provides a lot of useful features like text corpus analysis, linked data harvesting, quality management etc. for the professional thesaurus manager. With PoolParty’s outstanding linked data features, it can also be used as a linked data server to make controlled vocabularies and knowledge graphs available via the PoolParty API or through standard interfaces (SPARQL) either in your enterprise or as linked open data.

Additionally, the PoolParty Enterprise Server provides PoolParty’s text mining capabilities as an integrated service for existing systems like CMS, DMS etc. (see also: PoolParty Extractor). The Enterprise Server has outstanding capabilities to handle large collections of documents, to provide means for entity extraction based on RDF knowledge graphs and can be integrated with large scale RDF graph stores like Virtuoso or OWLIM.

Each server can be tested in our test environment, find all the details here.
To learn more about the differences between the three versions and available add-ons, please use our product feature & price matrix.


Efficient approach

PoolParty knowledge modeling approach combines best-of-breed approaches of the semantic web (text corpus analysis, entity extraction, linked data enrichment, SKOS thesaurus management). This enables thesaurus managers to build, maintain and publish even the largest and most complex knowledge models built on top of RDF Schema and SKOS.

Application scenarios

  • web-based thesaurus-, vocabulary- and taxonomy-management based on open standards
  • (semi-)automatic annotation and categorisation of documents with high precision
  • thesaurus- and linked data publishing on the web and on the intranet (Sharepoint, Confluence etc.) as a basis to build semantic mash-ups
  • data integration from different sources (structured and unstructured) based on flexible metadata models

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