PoolParty Suite

PoolParty Suite supports scenarios relevant for enterprise metadata and information management: 
  • Metadata management (taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies) based on Semantic Web standards
  • Semantic search (enterprise search, vertical search, search in collaborative environments)
  • Text mining (entity extraction, entity linking, text to RDF)
  • Enterprise data integration ( based on linked data technologies)
PoolParty´s APIs allow integration of semantic technologies with many other systems like relational databases, CMS, DMS, web shops or Wikis.


Best of Three Worlds

PoolParty Thesaurus Server is one of the most advanced solutions for the creation of taxonomies, thesauri and knowledge graphs on the market. It combines methods based on linked data, text mining and knowledge engineering.

The Business Value of Semantic Technology

Optimize the value of your data: searchless finding, linked data integration and recommender systems foster an increased reuse of existing data. Reduce complexity, reduce costs!

Integrate semantics into your information system

Together with our partners, we offer you services to integrate semantics into various systems: make your SharePoint, Confluence, Drupal, FirstSpirit, …  smarter with the power of text mining and linked data.
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