PoolParty Semantic Integrator


PoolParty Semantic Integrator (PPI) enables enterprises to consolidate large data and information collections derived from heterogeneous sources. PPI enables search and analytics over structured and unstructured information based on semantic knowledge graphs. Following the principles of linked data, all information is transformed into RDF and mapped to a knowledge graph. Although business objects (entities like products, clients, regions etc.) are named differently depending on the repository (or context) used, PPI is able to map (link) those objects. This is the basis to being able to produce integrated views over all kinds of objects. Semantic Integrator allows to ask complex queries which go far beyond what typical search engines can handle.


Semantic integrator: Online demos

Your benefit

  • Search and analyze structured and unstructured information as a whole
  • Generate 360-degrees views on decision-critical business objects
  • Linked data based search
  • Geospatial search
  • Combine text-based search with knowledge graphs



Get involved

  • Video: Dive deep into your Data Pools
  • See PoolParty Semantic Integrator in action using your own data: Let’s talk about possible scenarios or a PoC.