INSPIRE - Thesaurus

... the opportunity to participate in the developments regarding harmonization, standardization and interoperability of spatial data infrastructures ...

Problem & Goals

To ensure that the spatial data infrastructures of the EU member states are compatible and usable in a Community and transboundary context, the INSPIRE Directive requires that common Implementing Rules (IR) are adopted in a number of specific areas (Metadata, Data Specifications, Network Services, Data and Service Sharing and Monitoring and Reporting). Geological Survey of Austria as an organisation providing geodata has built a new metadata foundation around open standards like SKOS.

Measures & Results

  • Publication of geological thesauri as linked data
  • Knowledge modeling on top of international standards like GeoSciML
  • linked open data publishing on top of W3C´s recommendations for a semantic web
  • for data harmonisation fragmented knowledge from people throughout the organisation and its partners was pulled together on a single platform
  • PoolParty as thesaurus management system was used to

    • establish a domain specific controlled vocabulary
    • build a knowledge database for further collaboration

An important criterion when evaluating the software tools was the usage of interfaces for a better networking and communication.

(from Abstracts of OGD2011)

See also: Presentation by Martin Schiegl