Confluence - Collaboration Software

Atlassian Confluence is a user-friendly and powerful Content and Social Collaboration Software that allows your teams to create new content fast and easy. Confluence offers comfortable means to edit and share content with selected persons in a collaborative way and to administer all documents centrally.

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Application scenarios and solutions

Confluence supports more than 10.000 organisations worldwide on smooth collaboration and communication between project teams and within your organisation - and comes with state of the art and user focused enterprise functions. Depending on the affordance the Content and Social Collaboration Software is used within different core areas:

  • Intranet solutions: News and efficient collaboration in organisations and / or project teams.
  • Single Point of Acces: Discussion groups, collaborative content creation, knowledge sharing, weblogs and much more on one central platform.
  • E-Learning: Learning units, steering learning processes, collaborative learning with numerous feedback cycles and simple embedding of learning videos or slides.
  • Extranet: Collaboration with external organisations on secure and independent workspaces.
  • Knowledge management: Sharing and embedding knowledge in one single and completely searchable content repository.
  • Project documentation: Collaborative creation and publishing of documentations with one central access.
  • Information integration: Combination of realtime data coming from different repositories for integrated views.
  • Reduction of Emails: Transparent overview by shifting communication scenarios into the Content and Social Collaboration Software.

SWC and Confluence

We have been focussing on Content and Social Collaboration Software Systems for many years, building profound expertise, which finally lead us to become an official Confluence / Atlassian partner in 2009.

In the context of Atlassian Confluence we are offering:

  • Consulting for efficient use of Content and Social Collaboration Software (concepts, needs analysis, actual condition assessment, target state definitions)
  • Implementation concepts for using Confluence based on your business cases and and the evaluated needs analysis
  • Organisational and cultural implementation concepts and consulting for starting your Content and Social Collaboration System
  • Attendance of the Content and Social Collaboration System launch in your organisation
  • Installation and / or hosting of Atlassian Confluence on your servers or at our computer centre
  • Customising of your Content and Social Collaboration Software according to your demands
  • Maintenance and ongoing support of your Confluence environment
  • Analysis and redesign of your Confluence workflows
  • PoolParty PowerTagging for enhanced search and label management
  • sOnr webMining for collaborative market monitoring

Beside our services for Confluence, we also offer our experience within consulting projects, when you want to identify your organisation's status quo and potentials with regards to collaborative scenarios.