Vision & Goals

All of us, either in the role as knowledge worker, citizen or consumer deal with huge amounts of information. Our daily business is to scan and analyse documents, data records, and websites to extract essential parts from it to mash and interlink it with other information chunks. Carrying out this challenging tasks by means of outdated communication and software tools, non-existent metadata systems or poor search engines causes a lot of frustration and disillusionment on an employee level. This situation is exacerbated by the merely hierarchical structures of organisations making collaboration of knowledge workers rather difficult.

In the next few years digital natives will populate all kind of information-driven companies. We assume that this will cause a paradigm shift in the way how information as a valuable resource to do business will be perceived.

We envision that

  • professional information management will be understood as a driving factor to establish a well performing knowledge management on enterprise level
  • metadata management built on open standards will be understood as the key to being able to unveil valuable data which is momentarily locked in proprietary formats and schemas
  • semantic technologies like text mining, linked data and semantic knowledge modelling will be perceived as some of the best developed approaches to extract knowledge from large heaps of information
  • a web of data  (see also: Linked Open Data) can make a large contribution to enrich enterprise information sources with valuable background knowledge
  • the Semantic Web Company will be perceived as a world leader in the provision of semantic technologies

Our goals are

  • to support our customers with some of the best state-of-the-art methods and technologies from the semantic web industry
  • to help to improve our customers' enterprise information management by means of standards-based semantic technologies
  • to support our customers to establish efficient ways of data integration and enterprise search on top of semantic web standards
  • to further develop a global linked open data infrastructure based on W3C´s open semantic web standards to ease access to information & knowledge