Virtuoso Universal Server

Virtuoso is the most advanced RDF store on the market (see benchmarks). We are impressed by the team of OpenLink Software and its expertise in the areas of enterprise data integration, linked data and RDF databases. SWC has been working together with OpenLink for many years. Together we have successfully developed and implemented a number of commercial and research projects. Finally we have fully integrated our own PoolParty technologies with Virtuoso.

This co-operation offers a lot of benefits to our customers:

It enables the use of controlled vocabularies to aid conceptual virtualization of disparate data that manifest as semantically rich and Web-like enterprise knowledge graphs. Virtuoso 7.0 integration enhances PoolParty's ability to handle applications require high-performance and scalable handling of complex queries across heterogeneous data sources.

"The addition of Semantic Web Company to the Virtuoso Integration Partners program reflects both technical and business development leadership across the entire Linked Data and Semantic Web realm," said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO, OpenLink Software. "Enterprise customers -- in pursuit of increasingly data-driven enterprise agility -- are the big winners from the collective solution development, professional services, and business development resources unleashed by this effort," he added.

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