Taxonomy Creator for SharePoint

With Taxonomy Creator, controlled vocabularies like glossaries, taxonomies, or thesauri can be created with a highly comfortable editor like PoolParty – to be imported into SharePoint’s built-in taxonomy module for further usage.

Taxonomy Creator offers the following features:

  • Create your taxonomies with one of the most advanced systems for the creation of even the largest controlled vocabularies
  • Make those vocabularies available for SharePoint with one single mouse-click
  • Import them into your SharePoint Server and make use of them

Your benefit

  • Exploit SharePoint’s capabilities to store and use even the largest taxonomies without the need for maintaining them in sometimes cumbersome ways
  • Use PoolParty’s user-friendly environment to create and maintain controlled vocabularies
  • Build your taxonomies on top of standards
  • No need for running any script or mapping process: your SharePoint Taxonomy is just one mouse-click away