Taxonomy and Thesaurus Management

More efficient data management

Thesauri are used to create controlled vocabularies. They describe concepts, labels and synonyms as well as relations between concepts in a standardized format. Thesauri and taxonomies support professional metadata management which becomes more and more important parallel to the growing amount of data. With a thesaurus you can define (poly-) hierachical and non-hierarchical relations between concepts. With respective interfaces you can also enrich your metadata with freely available information from the LOD cloud (e.g. DBpedia) and valorize enterprise applications like your intranet, CMS, DMS and enterprise wiki.

Organisations like Roche, Credit Suisse, Pearson, World Bank, Wolters Kluwer or REEEP trust our expertise.

The Semantic Web Company as your partner

The area of semantic web is strongly linked to metadata and thesaurus management. During the last years those three fields became mature and we have significantly conducted this development. Today we offer along of this development cycle following services:

  • Trainings about metadata and thesaurus management
  • Evaluation of existing metadata structures
  • solution concepts for optimising your metadata management
  • Use case development for optimising data intense processes
  • Conduct while upgrading your IT infrastructure
  • Knowledge transfer of methodology for thesaurus models
  • PlugIn development for third-party-applications
  • PoolParty for semantic metadata management

What's the effort good for?

One of the most important reasons for semantic metadata management is the impossibility to display the growing complexity of organisational surroundings by proprietary data formats. In more detail we point on high costs, unregarded datasets or missing contexts between existing data and therefore the loss of knowledge about crucial circumstances. Gather an important competitive edge by profit from your data, instead of just producing it!