State of Salzburg

The State of Salzburg uses Atlassian Confluence Enterprise wiki to enable collaborative mechanisms and communication inside of their intranet.


The State of Salzburg - in detail the information technology department - was looking for a new intranet solution that enables smart information management, easy to use collaborative mechanisms for all employees and that supports better communication for all decentralised departments via a new intranet solution.


Along the specification of the use cases in the form of workshops hold by SWC together with responsible persons from the State of Salzburg the tool was choosen very quickly - also because the State of Salzburg had already done a tool evaluation - so Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki was chosen as the technical solution for the new intranet system.

Beside the use case specification the Semantic Web Company accomplaished several Confluence workshops to transfer the knowledge about the enterprise wiki to the customer. This was managed in the areas of user and administrator trainings, technical workshops about set up, customisation and API handling (beside others support in the area of PVP interfaces has been managed) and in the field od design and design customisation.

Furthermore there  workshop in the field of introduction and roll out of the new intranet solution of the State of Salzburg including collaborative mechanisms and Confluence features on the organisational and cultural side has been accomplished.


The new intranet (intranet 2.0) was successfully introduced to the employees of the State of Salzburg - in a first step in a small pilot user group in the areas of IT and project management - later on for the whole State of Salzburg (about 5.000 users in total).