sOnr webMining for Confluence


sOnr is a COLLABORATIVE tool for market observers and trend scouts.

With sOnr webMining, you will keep track of everything that happens in a domain or industry of your interest.

  • Instead of browsing around, you will receive all the relevant information at one place: automatically annotated, pre-categorized and linked to similar content.
  • Instead of monitoring the market on your own, sOnr follows a collaborative approach: teams of experts will work together when collecting relevant information from various sources.

sOnr is based on semantic technologies.

It is embedded in a highly useful collaboration platform. This architectural approach supports teams of market observers to extract relevant information from news services, blogs, and short messages automatically.

sOnr helps to exchange ideas and to structure knowledge.

A built-in semantic search engine is one of its core elements. Automatic agents crawl the web and the intranet. Collaborative features leverage the value of your findings!

sOnr is based on the PoolParty Platform and Confluence.

Both technology platforms are leaders in their fields.

Users will benefit from

  • enterprise-readiness,
  • highly precise search results,
  • collaborative knowledge management,
  • a coffee break while sOnr is mining the web

Get involved

  1. Watch our YouTube video about sOnr webMining!
  2. Ask for a demo account.