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The Semantic Web Company takes an active role in national and international research projects. As industrial partner we provide application oriented expertise and scrutinize cutting edge academic research for its reusability...

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Recommender Systems & Extraction Services

Understanding and advancing natural language processing and statistical analysis for the generation of metadata, taxonomies and thesauri and its utilization for extraction and recommender services is one of the dominant research fields of the...

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Big Data & Linked Data

Utilizing Linked Data and Big Data for organisational and enterprise purposes will be one of the next big challenges in the evolution of the web. Big Data takes account of the fact that new techniques and technologies are needed for the...

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Thesaurus Modelling & Evaluation

Thesauri have evolved as a viable knowledge representation method that keeps a nice balance between semantic expressivity and ontological complexity. Despite their wide spread for knowledge and metadata management purposes conceptualizing,...

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Research Partners

Founded in 2006, the InfAI – Institute for Applied Informatics e.V. – pursues the promotion of science and...

Belgium based TenForce is an integrator of PoolParty product family.

The vision of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute is to be recognised as one of the leading international web science...

Knowledge extraction, fusion and management from multiple modalities

FTW is a nationally leading and internationally acclaimed center for research and development.

media systems in flux, new types of organization and business models


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The Semantic Puzzle

  • Thoughts on KOS (Part 2): Classifying Knowledge Organisation Systems

    21. April 2015, by Tassilo Pellegrini

    Traditional KOSs include a broad range of system types from term lists to classification systems and thesauri. These organization systems vary in functional purpose and semantic expressivity. Most of these traditional KOSs were developed in a print...

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  • Getting to grips with “semantic” interoperability

    10. April 2015, by Tassilo Pellegrini

    Enabling and managing interoperability at the data and the service level is one of the strategic key issues in networked knowledge organization systems (KOSs) and a growing issue in effective data management. But why do we need “semantic...

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  • Transforming music data into a PoolParty project

    09. April 2015, by Florian Huber

    Goal For the Nolde project it was requested to build a knowledge graph, containing detailed information about the austrian music scene: artists, bands and their music releases. We decided to use PoolParty, since theses entities should be accessible...

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