REEEP clean energy open data portal

REEEP is a worldwide pioneer in the area of clean energy linked open data with their open data portal


REEEP wanted to exand its existing information gateway for renewable energy and energy efficiency - - with an open data portal for free of charge re-use of clean energy and climate change data within the meaning of Linked Open Government Data.


Using state of the art linked data technologies, methods and principles the Semantic Web Company designed and specified as well as implemented the new REEEP open data portal: that provides A) a comprehensive clean energy and climate change SKOS thesaurus as linked open data as well as B) the main data and content of the information gateway as linked open data (as ~ 2000 Actor profies, lots of project output documents and worldwide country policy reports).


All this data and content is available via an API (SPARQL endpoint) for free re-use under the UK Open Government License. Used technologies are mainly PoolParty and Open Links Virtuoso. There are also comprehensive manuals and documentations available to ensure a broad re-use of the clean energy and climate change data. The clean energy and climate change thesaurus is also a part of the official LOD cloud 2011.