PowerTagging for Sharepoint 2013


PowerTagging is a Web Part that leverages SharePoint’s built-in search engine to true semantic search. It improves SharePoint’s tagging feature and enriches the document index automatically by synonyms and text categories.

PowerTagging offers the following features:

  • Automatic tagging of any content within your SharePoint system
  • Highly precise tagging and content classification based on controlled vocabularies like taxonomies, thesauri or ontologies
  • Manual tagging supported by auto completion of terms based on controlled vocabularies
  • Semantic search fully integrated with SharePoint search
  • Configurable search facets following the hierarchies of your controlled vocabulary
  • Auto-completion and query expansion (automatic use of synonyms) derived from underlying vocabularies

Your benefit

  • Configurable and customizable tagging with high quality
  • Precise automatic tagging based on domain-specific controlled vocabularies
  • Better search experience through semantic search based on SharePoint’s own search engine
  • Highly performant text analytics to annotate even the largest document collections automatically
  • Search assistants like auto-complete, query-expansion or search facets can be configured easily