PoolParty PowerTagging

  • PoolParty PowerTagging is able to analyse pages and content from enterprise software platforms like from Confluence, Drupal, WordPress or Sharepoint
  • PowerTagging annotates content automatically with concepts from a thesaurus or taxonomy by using all of their names (incl. synonyms)
  • Users can use or curate all suggested tags or can also index collections of pages (e.g. Confluence spaces) automatically resulting in a semantic index
  • PowerTagging makes search more comfortable than ever before.

As an add-on of ‘PowerTagging for Confluence’, sOnr webMining can be installed which is a full-blown market monitoring platform based on PoolParty Semantic Search Server, Apache Solr and Confluence.

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Your benefit

There are three main application scenarios which can be realised on top of Confluence, Sharepoint, WordPress and Drupal and its PowerTagging extensions:

  • Semantic Search: Fully integrated with Confluence´s built-in Lucene based search facility resp. with Sharepoint´s Search Server users no longer have to type in search phrases literally: Even if only ‘New York City’ is mentioned on a page on a word-by-word basis, it´s sufficient to search for ‘Big Apple’ and results will be generated. This feature is especially interesting for domains in which a lot of technical terms or abbreviations are commonly used or for enterprises in multi-lingual environments.
  • Content recommendation: Identifying similar and semantically matching contents especially in larger Confluence or Sharepoint instances is a crucial task: Imagine you´re working for a recruiting company and you would like to match a new open position with all people in your applicant database. Or: Imagine you´re working on technical documentation and you can provide your customers automatically with further readings. Or: Imagine you´re working on a slidedeck and you´ll see instantly if some of your colleagues have worked on similar issues recently.
  • Semi-automatic tagging: Based on a controlled vocabulary the annotation of documents and content makes sense again, based on PoolParty’s built-in text analytics PowerTagging suggests proper tags and categories automatically, inserts synonyms and other metadata from the thesaurus itself and improves all search functionalities noticeably.
  • Enterprise information integration: PowerTagging as part of PoolParty Semantic Integrator can help to index content from various sources, link it automatically and make it available as one large knowledge graph (based on Virtuoso).
  • Web Mining: sOnr webMining combines Confluence’s abilities to support collaborative knowledge management with PoolParty’s semantic technologies. This unique bundle helps knowledge workers to keep track of trends in markets.

Don´t re-invent the wheel again and again, make use of already existing information. Save time and money and leverage your knowledge work. PowerTagging will help to fulfill these tasks when generating rich contents more efficiently than ever before. You can link similar contents within your collaboration platform or ECM automatically and you can fetch further readings even from the WWW like from Wikipedia.

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