Our Services

  • Linked Data & data integration

    The growing data wave rolls irresistibly and finding the needle in the haystack is more challenging than ever before. But what if there came up more and more haystacks and we needed to link...

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  • Taxonomy and Thesaurus Management

    Thesauri are used to create controlled vocabularies. They describe concepts, labels and synonyms as well as relations between concepts in a standardized format. Thesauri and taxonomies support...

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  • Data-, Information- and Knowledge Portals

    Public sector bodies, governments and NPO/NGO organisations as well as enterprises are facing new challenges in the field of data-, information- and knowledge management. The Semantic Web...

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  • Linked Open Data Strategies

    Open Data Policies adopted by governments, public adminstration, transnational bodies and NGOs brought substancial changes in communication efforts, public releation activities and the...

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  • Collaborative Environments

    Organsations and enterprises face challenges of a dynamic and knowledge driven global  market. Effectivness in knowledge gathering, knowledge transfer, innovation and collaboration are key...

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  • GBPN Scoring Tool of Building Codes

    Information- and Data Visualization

    Data is meaningful and we can tell important and rich (data) stories when we provide - beside the data in machine readable formats - also human readable versions and interpretations of...

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