Open Government Data - Event Series 2011


Funding Line ZIT Kommunikation
Scope National
Duration 01.09.2010 - 31.07.2011
  • Open Knowledge Forum - Österreich
  • Semantic Web Company GmbH, Austria
  • Zentrum für Verwaltungsforschung
  • Donau Universität Krems
Project Page



Following the recent developments on Open Governmnet Data in Austria (serveral Meetups on the topic, the formation of an pressure group, raised interest from citicens, economy and politics) the Semantic Web Company (SWC) submitted a proposal to the technology agency of the City of Vienna (ZIT) to build and implement a bundle of measures for awareness-building activities in the field of Open Government Data in Austria. Core of the projects are the following measures:

  • Open OGD Austria Stammtisch every second month (meetup, until today only in Vienna)
  • 4 Stakeholder Workshops (politics, administration, civil society, industry) in February 2011 to evaluate and identify as well as to discuss the requirements on Open Government Data in Austria from the viewpoint of the respective stakeholder group
  • Publishing of the OGD Digest Austria - Information around Open Data in Austria and international in print & PDF (until today 4 editions available)
  • Set up and operation of a mailing list as well as a XING group
  • Organisation of an open MeetUp on OGD on 15th of Juni 2011 in Vienna
  • Set up and operation of open wiki spaces for collection of information and provision of relevant information in the field of Open Data
  • OGD2011 Conference on 16th of Juni 2011 in Vienna
  • About 40-50 bilateral talks with representatives of politicians and public administration in Vienna about OGD to raise awareness and clarify misconceptions
  • Networking with international initiatives on the topic of open data as the Open Data Network (Germany), the Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) or the ePSIplattform (just to name a few) to ensure continuous exchange on the topic - as well contentwise as about the process for an Open Government Data strategy - to learn from each other and to support each other...
  • Publishing the Open Government Data White Book Austria


On 17 May 2011 the time has come - the first Open Government Data (OGD) portal of a public administration in Austria was launched by Vienna City Government.

In a close run also the Open Commons Region Linz has announced a data portal in Austria, to be launched in September 2011.

Salzburg, Graz and the Federal Government are already working closely together in the Cooperation Open Government Data Austria to initiate further steps on various levels.