Open data strategies


Public sector and nonprofit organisations are facing new challenges. We are focussing our solution concepts based on semantic technologies for topics like growing amounts of data by internal and external production, the following linking problems and the trend to involve citizens more.

The Semantic Web Company as your partner

Semantic technologies are not the solution for everything, but they can help you, while

  • Sustainable (Linked) Open Data Strategies: creating your linked open data strategies
  • License clearing: developing a sustainable licence- and usage-concept for your (open) data
  • Data monitoring: identifying datasets that should be open based on well-founded needs analysis and usage scenarios
  • Stable infrastructure & technologies: building up future oriented and safe architectures based on open standards and linked knowledge models

Our services

For public sector organisations, for institutions with public missions, for NGOs and NPOs as well as for supranational organisations we offer:

  • Linked open (government) data strategy & roadmap development (data governance, licensing, change management, awareness building and communication, ...)
  • Use case development
  • Implementation of your open data roadmap: from data governance & licensing to meta data- and data management solutions)
  • Community- and awareness building, promotion of your open data activities - creating network effects!
  • Establishing key players inside of your organisation (trainings, training programmes, tutorials, workshops et al)
  • Project management, monitoring and evaluation of the open data activities

Our activities in the area of linked open (government) data are embedded in a international network of private and public organisations, which are forwarding the essential strategic and technical developments of the topic.

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Partners (abstract)

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