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  • From Taxonomies over Ontologies to Knowledge Graphs

    15. July 2014, by Andreas Blumauer

    With the rise of linked data and the semantic web, concepts and terms like ‘ontology’, ‘vocabulary’, ‘thesaurus’ or ‘taxonomy’ are being picked up frequently by information managers, search engine specialists or data engineers to describe ‘knowledge models’ in general. In many cases the terms are used without any specific meaning which brings a lot of people to the basic question:

    What are the differences between a taxonomy, a thesaurus, an ontology and a knowledge graph?

    This article should bring light into this discussion by guiding you through an example which starts off from a taxonomy, introduces an ontology and finally exposes a knowledge graph (linked data graph) to be used as the basis for semantic applications.

    1. Taxonomies and thesauri

    Taxonomies and thesauri are closely related species of controlled vocabularies to describe relations between concepts and their labels including

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  • Energy Buildings Performance Scenarios as Linked Open Data

    05. June 2014, by Thomas Thurner

    The reduction of green house gas emissions is one of the big global challenges for the next decades. (Linked) Open Data on this multi-domain challenge is key for addressing the issues in policy, construction, energy efficiency, production a like. Today – on the World Environment Day 2014 – a new (linked open) data initiative contributes to this effort: GBPN’s Data Endpoint for Building Energy Performance Scenarios.

    gbpn-scenariosGBPN (The Global Buildings Performance Network

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  • Linked Data in the Content Value Chain or Why Dynamic Semantic Publishing makes sense …

    19. May 2014, by Tassilo Pellegrini

    In 2012 Jem Rayfield released an insightful post about the BBC’s Linked Data strategy during the Olympic Games 2012. In this post he coined the term “Dynamic Semantic Publishing”, referring to

    “the technology strategy the BBC Future Media department is using to evolve from a relational content model and static publishing framework towards a fully dynamic semantic publishing (DSP) architecture.”

    According to Rayfield this approach is characterized by


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  • Linked Data at the BBC: Connecting Content around the Things that matter to Audiences

    08. May 2014, by Thomas Thurner

    cache_23146737This year SEMANTiCS conference presents some brilliant speakers. As there is Sofia Angeletou with her keynote on the 2nd generation Linked Data Strategy at the BBC.

    Quote: “The vision of semantic publishing in the BBC has shifted from supporting high profile events to connecting the BBC’s content around things that matter to the audience. To this end, we have increased the application of linked data to domains other than sports such as news, education and music with the intention that the content we produce can be reused and discovered through a multitude of channels.”

    In her keynote, Sofia will outline the technological and cultural factors that have

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