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  • Joseph A Busch: Case Study on an American Physical Society’s Taxonomy

    02. April 2014, by Thomas Thurner image_jb

    Joseph A Busch

    Taxonomy Strategies has been working with the American Physical Society (APS) to develop a new facetted classification scheme. The proposed scheme includes several discrete sets of categories called facets whose values can be combined to express concepts such as existing Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) codes, as well as new concepts that have

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  • Why SKOS should be a focal point of your linked data strategy

    31. March 2014, by Andreas Blumauer


    The Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) has become one of the ‘sweet spots’ in the linked data ecosystem in recent years. Especially when semantic web technologies are being adapted for the requirements of enterprises or public administration, SKOS has played a most central role to create knowledge graphs.

    In this webinar, key people from the Semantic Web Company will describe why controlled vocabularies based on SKOS play a central role in a linked data strategy, and how SKOS can be enriched by ontologies and linked data to further improve semantic information management.

    SKOS unfolds its potential at the intersection of three disciplines and their methods:

    • library sciences: taxonomy and thesaurus management
    • information sciences:
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  • SEMANTiCS 2014: Call for Industry Presentations

    03. March 2014, by Andreas Blumauer

    SEMANTiCS 2014 will take place in Leipzig (Germany) this year from September 4-5. The International Conference on Semantic Systems will be co-located with several workshops and other meetings, e.g. the 2nd DBpedia community meeting.


    SEMANTiCS conference (formerly ‘I-Semantics’) focuses on transfer and industry-related applications of semantic systems and linked data.
    Here are some of the options for end-users, vendors and experts to get involved (besides participating as a regular attendee and the option to

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  • Online checker for SKOS vocabularies now available

    22. January 2014, by Christian Mader Create better SKOS vocabularies


    PoolParty team likes to announce the availability of the new online vocabulary quality checker for SKOS vocabularies. It finds over 20 kinds of potential quality problems in controlled vocabularies that are expressed using SKOS. The service is based on the qSKOS open-source tool. The main features of the service are:
    • No need for registration – you can log in with your existing accounts at Google, Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter
    • Upload and check as many vocabularies you like (100MB maximum size for each vocabulary)
    • Access reports of the quality checks for all uploaded vocabularies
    • Quality reports can also be sent to you by email, if you wish
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