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  • SPARQL analytics proves boxers live dangerously

    29. September 2015, by Christian Blaschke

    You have always thought that SPARQL is only a query language for RDF data? Then think again, because SPARQL can also be used to implement some cool analytics. I show here two queries that demonstrate that principle.

    For simplicity we use a publicly available dataset of DBpedia on an open SPARQL endpoint: (execute with default graph =

    Mean life expectancy for different sports

    The query shown here starts from the class dbp:Athlete and retrieves sub classes thereof that cover different sports. With that athletes of that areas are obtained and their birth and death dates (i.e. we only take into account deceased individuals). From the dates the years are extracted. Here a regular expression is used

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  • How the PoolParty Semantic Suite is learning to speak 40+ languages

    03. August 2015, by Martin Kaltenböck

    Business is becoming more and more globalised, and enterprises and organisations are acting in several different regions and thus facing more challenges of different cultural aspects as well as respective language barriers. Looking at the European market, we even see 24 working languages in EU28, which make cross-border services considerably complicated. As a result, powerful language technology is needed, and intense efforts have already been taken in the EU to deal with this situation and enable the vision of a multilingual digital single market (a priority area of the European Commission this year, see:

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  • Semantic Web Company with LOD2 project top listed in the first EC Innovation Radar

    14. July 2015, by Thomas Thurner

    The Innovation Radar is a DG Connect support initiative which focuses on the identification of high potential innovations and the key innovators behind them in FP7, CIP and H2020 projects. The Radar supports the innovators by suggesting a range of targeted actions that can assist them in fulfilling their potential in the market place. The first Innovation Radar Report reviews the innovation potential of ICT projects funded under 7th Framework Programme and

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  • Improved Customer Experience by use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies

    28. June 2015, by Andreas Blumauer

    With the rise of Linked Data technologies, there come several new approaches into play for the improvement of customer experience across all digital channels of a company. All of these methodologies can be subsumed under the term “the connected customer”.

    These are interesting not only for retailers operating a web shop, but also for enterprises seeking for new ways to develop tailor-made customer services and to increase customer retention.

    Linked Data methodologies can help to improve several measurements alongside a typical customer experience lifecycle.

    1. vectorstock_4550983Personalized access to information, e.g. to technical documentation
    2. Cross-selling through a better contextualization of
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  • Using SPARQL clause VALUES in PoolParty

    26. June 2015, by Florian Huber

    connect-sparqlSince PoolParty fully supports SPARQL 1.1 functionalities you can use clauses like VALUES. The VALUES clause can be used to provide an unordered solution sequence that is joined with the results of the query evaluation. From my perspective it is a convenience of filtering variables and an increase in readability of queries.

    E.g. when you want to know which cocktails you can create with Gin and a highball glass you can go to and fire this query:

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