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Semantic MediaWiki 1.8 released

04. December 2012

THE H OPEN: The new version 1.8 of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) has upgraded its backend module for storing data. Storing and reading data should now be faster due to improved caching mechanisms and optimised table layouts. Semantic MediaWiki is an extension for the MediaWiki software, which is used by projects such as Wikipedia and which allows users to store and query data in wiki pages as a semantic wiki.

Regular Wikis are made of pages of structured text and untyped hyperlinks, but have little information about the data within the page, while a semantic wiki is able to store annotations that capture information about the data making it possible to query the wiki like a database. For example, this can allow specially marked information on a page to be included in overview tables or integrated into other wiki pages without redundantly duplicating the data. RDF export tools also provide interfaces to the semantic web.

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