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Search ideas from eBay: eBaySaurus

24. August 2011

TAMEBAY: eBaySaurus is a cutting edge tool from eBay offering a new view of search terms and a new way to discover related items to topics of interest.

eBaySaurus is a semantic network giving an insight into the search terms and vocabulary of the eBay community. Rather than offering traditional search results it displays new search terms by adding in words associated with the original search string based on what the eBay community are looking at. In this example the search term “Harry Potter” shows that eBay users also look for “Harry Potter Lego”. Double clicking on the “Harry Potter Lego” search term reveals more items and you can carry on clicking search terms to expand your net revealing more and more items of interest.

In the sidebar eBay display four items related to the last search term you clicked on. These change as your search net expands as you explore items of interest.

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