Market Scan

Tassilo Pellegrini's picture is wrench to search’s hammer

23. January 2012

MARKETING: It has been described as starting off where Google failed with its ‘Squared’ structured data and semantic search experiment.

FindTheBest is a ‘comparison engine’ that extracts product information from web sources and adds in human curation to present the user with an easy to use, graphical interface – “stripped of any marketing influence.” In plain English, it allows users to compare similar products and services side by side.

Redesigned last month to look less like a spreadsheet it now presents items in a easy to use, normalised, graphical display, allowing quick comparison of, well, pretty much anything. Immediate examples such as electronics and other consumer products are there, of course, but it also extends its reach into travel, plastic surgery clinics, financial advisors, universities, dog breeds…

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