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Austrian Geological Survey (GBA) uses PoolParty for releasing new thesaurus

08. May 2013, by Helmut Nagy

In using PoolParty, the Austrian Geological Survey (GBA) has released a thesaurus about their own domain. The main driving factor for institutions like the GBA to invest in thesaurus and taxonomy projects, is the increasing need for a uniform description of their data. The idea is that this enhances value and reusability of their products for their stakeholders. Especially in the geospatial sector the INSPIRE directive of the European Parliament and Council gave a push in that direction. As a public authority the GBA was legally called to implement the directive for it's domain.

Another important motivation for the GBA was to encourage it's (domain) experts to contribute to the structured knowledge on an organizational level. This would allow the organization of the internal knowledge in a structured fashion.

The now released second version of the Linked Data Frontend especially targets on providing a simpler access to all vocabularies (e.g. search/index over all project). Additional the benefit of linked data has been be made clearer providing filtering for concepts with links to other sources and translation of concepts to languages not covered in the data.

Wed, 05/08/2013