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31. January 2015 - 15:35 | Beyond search

I kid you not. I received a spam mail from an outfit called BA Insight. The spam was a newsletter published every three months. You know that regular flows of news are what ring Google’s PageRank...

Tags:, Inc., Google, Inc., Insight, Sharepoint Server
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31. January 2015 - 15:15 | Beyond search

Remember the days when there were Associated Press stringers? Remember when the high value AP service was information gathered at state capitols? Remember when humans did this work? Enter cyber...

Tags: Automation, Editor, Editors, Enterprise search engines, Indexing, Insight
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31. January 2015 - 15:00 | CMSWire

The big game is on Sunday and we know who’s going to win. OK, no we don’t, but Microsoft’s Cortana thinks she does and she has a pretty good track record. If you remember, she called every single...

Tags: Big data, Bing, Machine learning, Predictive analytics, Sun Microsystems, Twitter, Virginia
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31. January 2015 - 12:13 | Beyond search

An information sideshow is enterprise software that presents itself as the motor, transmission, and differential for the organization. Get real. The main enterprise applications are accounting,...

Tags: Business process, Content management system, Database management systems, Drupal, Enterprise search engines, Findability, Hunch, IBM, Marklogic, Open Source, Sharepoint Server, Tagging, Tags, web content management
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30. January 2015 - 22:30 | CMSWire

When Salesforce announced its Wave analytics platform with a splash at Dreamforce, it wasn’t even available. Critics said it cost too much or that even after two years of development, it was too...

Tags: Big data, Database management systems, Nosql database, ripple, Targeting, Twitter, Virginia
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30. January 2015 - 21:45 | CMSWire

Smaato, a company that offers advertising tools for mobile publishers and developers, just launched the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX), an ad server for mobile publishers. The San Francisco-based...

Tags: Facebook, Google, Inc., irON, Representational State Transfer, Targeting, Twitter
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30. January 2015 - 21:00 | CMSWire

Forget the Patriots vs. Seahawks. Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts. Tom Brady against Russell Wilson. The 49th Super Bowl of the National Football League — set for Sunday, Feb. 1 — also features an...

Tags:, Inc., Burlington, Content management system, Institute for Web Science and Technologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft Corporation, Nosql database, Seattle, Twitter, Universities, Washington, Web CMS
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30. January 2015 - 20:10 | Tech Target

Hortonworks forms a data management initiative with Merck and others. Meanwhile, SQL and NoSQL may blur a bit.

Tags: Apache Software Foundation, Big data, data integration, Editor, Editors, Falcons, Hadoop, IBM, JavaScript, JSON, Metadata, Microsoft Corporation, New York, Nosql database, Oracle Corporation, SAS, Structured Query Language, Targeting
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30. January 2015 - 19:45 | CMSWire

To effectively manage and exploit a company’s knowledge, you need a metadata plan. The successful implementation of any content-related strategy — be it data, digital assets or text — requires...

Tags: Business process, Content management system, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Rights, Metadata, Neologism, Structural metadata, Twitter
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30. January 2015 - 19:19 | Tech Target

A chief data officer should take charge of an organization's efforts to develop an enterprise data strategy and institute data governance policies, consultant David Loshin says.

Tags: 03.07 Chief Data Officers, Big data, Books, Business intelligence, data integration, Glossary, Information management, Insight, Metadata, Metadata management, Privacy, Representational State Transfer, Twitter, Wikipedia
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