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23. September 2014 - 0:28 | CMSWire

SAP’s acquisition of Concur Technologies expands its cloud network, gives it access to another large list of customers and keeps it competitive with Oracle and IBM, analysts told CMSWire. SAP...

Tags: Books, IBM, Oracle Corporation, SAP, Twitter, Walldorf
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22. September 2014 - 23:18 | CMSWire

Since Verint bought KANA earlier this year for $514 million, the question has been how the business analytics company would blend KANA’s customer experience services into its suite of employee...

Tags: Australia, Big data, Business Analytics, Conferences, Knowledge management, Oracle Corporation, San Francisco, social media, Text analytics, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 23:11 |

In the context of trying to make your resource visible to google, would it make sense to reference skos concept or rdf instance (real entities) when describing that resource ? For instance if you...

Tags: Controlled vocabulary, Google, Inc., I-Semantics, Property, vocabulary, Search engine optimization, Simple Knowledge Organisation System
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22. September 2014 - 22:09 | CMSWire

A staple gun or roll of masking tape might come in handy today when Amr Awadallah walks in through his company’s doors. The CTO and co-founder of Hadoop platform provider Cloudera mouthed off about...

Tags: Apache Software Foundation, Big data, Hadoop, Individual, Open Source, Twitter, Virginia
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22. September 2014 - 21:29 | CMSWire

HP ended months of speculation on its plans for the Autonomy acquisition in August with the announcement of its Big Data business group, which brought Vertica and Autonomy together on the same...

Tags: Content management system, Data governance, Hewlett Packard, Information management, Internet of things, IT company, social media, Structured data, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 17:59 | CMSWire

Deb Lavoy recently argues that IT’s approach to providing enterprise software solutions is not effective. IT often buys complex enterprise software platforms and then starts a “science project”: "...

Tags: IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Sharepoint Server, social content, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 17:37 | CMSWire

You probably saw this coming. In June, Shopzilla, the shopping search engine, branded three newly-combined business units as Connexity — the name of the programmatic media buying startup it acquired...

Tags: Retailer, Search engines, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 17:00 | CMSWire

Finally, some true enterprise collaboration software that works.  I’ve been in B2B technology reporting for the better part of this century. You may be surprised to hear I’ve seen a few product...

Tags: Android, Privacy, Prospect, Representational State Transfer, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 16:50 | CMSWire

Talk to any marketer today about her demand generation strategy and she’ll regale you with stories of the magical properties of content. It’s consuming increasing amounts of money, according to a...

Tags: Automation, Creative Commons, Huffington Post, Property, Targeting, Twitter
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22. September 2014 - 16:34 |

Hello, I have started Semantic Web newly, I have to identify like this type of structure, I have a publication and authors of this publication, in here, there is a one to many relation how can i...

Tags: Hypertext Markup Language, I-Semantics, Semantic web, Tags
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