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24. July 2016 - 12:03 | CMSWire

Design thinking usually gets relegated to the halls of creative types, a problem solving activity best served with a side of post it notes.  But in a competitive landscape where companies struggle to...

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23. July 2016 - 13:24 | Planet RDF

Yesterday I want to the

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22. July 2016 - 22:30 | Joinup

The Polish Ministry of Digitisation is currently finalising its open data program. From 16 May to 16 June, it ran a public consultation, resulting in fourteen parties providing feedback on the...

Tags: Conferences, Cultural heritage, International organisations, International Organization for Standardization, Interoperability, Open Data, Open Graph Protocol, Privacy, Public Sector Information
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22. July 2016 - 22:27 | CMSWire

For those of you who have treated your mobile marketing strategy as an afterthought, it's time to rethink your strategy.  Mobile now lies at the center of the consumer universe. Continue reading...

Tags: Creative Commons, Facebook, Google, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Targeting
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22. July 2016 - 22:00 | Search Engine Land

Tags: Google search, Google, Inc., Malaysia, Search engine optimization, Search engines, search results, Twitter
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22. July 2016 - 21:18 | Tech Target

How to balance data safety with innovative big data expansion was at issue at an MIT symposium where the chief data officer role was considered.

Tags: 03.07 Chief Data Officers, Big data, Cambridge, Chicago, Financial Services, Google, Inc., Great Britain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Privacy
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22. July 2016 - 21:13 | Search Engine Land

Tags: Bing, Extensible Markup Language, Google search, Google, Inc., New York City, Search engine optimization, Search engines, search results, Social media, Tags, Uniform Resource Locator
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22. July 2016 - 21:08 | Tech Target

There's been a lot of discussion about how likely artificial intelligence applications are to destroy jobs, but one expert says the impact will be small and beneficial.

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Google, Inc., IT company
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22. July 2016 - 20:46 | CMSWire

Hybrid enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) vendor Syncplicity and infrastructure management specialist vendor Atos announced a partnership this week which aims to deliver digital transformation,...

Tags: Data governance, European Union, Microsoft Corporation, Privacy, Santa Clara, Targeting
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22. July 2016 - 20:35 | CMSWire

Technology keeps evolving to better serve today's digital workforces and the processes they use day-to-day. And that has leveled the playing field for small businesses, who now have more options to ...

Tags: Insight, Targeting
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