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2. July 2015 - 1:59 | Planet RDF

2015-07-01, São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Conference Committee of DC-2015 have published the preliminary program of the DCMI International Conference at

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1. July 2015 - 13:52 |

Hello, I have implemented a RESTful API with an interface to execute sparql query. I am intended to return the ResultSet as JSON-LD vqe = VirtuosoQueryExecutionFactory.create(sparqlQuery, set);...

Tags: Application programming interface, Hypertext Markup Language, JSON-LD, Representational State Transfer, SPARQL query, Tags
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1. July 2015 - 12:26 |

Hi I have two superclasses super1 and super2 and a property prop such that super1->prop->super2. Now i do have several subclasses for super1 and super2 such that sub1.1, sub1.2 sub1.3 and sub2.1,...

Tags: Class
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1. July 2015 - 11:30 | Data informed

A big data program can be an expensive proposition for SMEs, and many can’t afford initiatives that would enable them to take advantage of big data insights. Zigmars Rasscevskis of Clusterpoint...

Tags: Big data, Cloud computing, Database systems, Google, Inc., Individual, Insight, MySQL, Nosql database, Search engines, Structured Query Language, Zürich
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1. July 2015 - 0:01 | CMSWire

Big Data is supposed to level the business playing field, but up until now it has not. Continue reading... Follow us on Twitter Join free newsletter View upcoming events Find a new job

Tags: Big data, Big data analytics, Hadoop, Nosql database, Open Source, Twitter
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30. June 2015 - 23:50 | CMSWire

Most companies fail at community. And instead of taking a good long look in the mirror at what they’re doing wrong, they just declare that community doesn't work as a strategy.  They’re wrong. You...

Tags: eBay, Twitter
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30. June 2015 - 23:43 | CMSWire

Google Cloud Platform has been steadily building out its services chops since its launch several years ago, offering an ever-expanding list of products. In 2014, to name a few examples, it rolled out...

Tags: Cisco, Class, Google, Inc., Hadoop, Insight, Microsoft Corporation, SharePoint Server, Structured Query Language, Twitter
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30. June 2015 - 23:13 | CMSWire

The old saying, “Viewpoint depends on where you stand,” has always applied quite literally to the concept of net neutrality. On the east side of the Atlantic Ocean, lawmakers have declared equal...

Tags: Europe, European Union, Information management, Institute for Web Science and Technologies, Twitter
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30. June 2015 - 23:00 | Search Engine Land

Tags: Bing, Conferences, Editor, Editors, Facebook, Google search, Google, Inc., Search engine optimization, Search engines, Social media
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30. June 2015 - 22:26 | CMSWire

Does anyone care about your email marketing? Litmus decided to find out — and has good news to report. Targeted email campaigns are extremely effective, Chad White, research director at Cambridge,...

Tags: Cambridge, Exhibit, Google, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Social media, Twitter
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