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6. February 2016 - 8:03 | Joinup

The European Commission has made XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) version 2.1 eligible for referencing in public procurement. From 17 February, public administrations in the EU can refer...

Tags: European Commission, European Union, Extensible Markup Language, International standards
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5. February 2016 - 23:24 | CMSWire

Docker qualifies as a “revolutionary technology” in that containerization tends to overturn the old way of doing things in data centers. The makers of the things that do get overturned, tend not to...

Tags: Editor, Editors, Information management, Linux, Operating systems
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5. February 2016 - 22:42 | CMSWire

Big data is getting smaller. At least that’s the conclusion some are reaching. And if they’re looking only at the stock market, who can blame them? Share prices of LinkedIn (down 42 percent), Tableau...

Tags:, Inc., Big data, Business intelligence, Conferences, LinkedIn, Microsoft Corporation, Visualization, Web service
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5. February 2016 - 22:37 | CMSWire

Driving in heavy traffic on I-5, listening to a National Public Radio story on information overload, with my Apple Watch relentlessly buzzing my wrist, I realize I’m the living embodiment of overload...

Tags: Apple Inc., Google, Inc., IBM, Internet of things, Microsoft Corporation, Personal assistant, Radio, Siri
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5. February 2016 - 22:00 | Search Engine Land

Tags: Android, Google, Inc., Japan, Search engine optimization, Search engines, search results, Twitter
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5. February 2016 - 22:00 | CMSWire

In its first quarterly report as a public company, Atlassian reported increased revenues year-over-year. It was up 45 percent to $109.7 million for the second quarter of the current fiscal year,...

Tags: Atlassian, IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Social software, Sydney
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5. February 2016 - 21:45 | CMSWire

Only 9 percent of content created in enterprise marketing departments is viewed more than five times by the sales department, according to Docurated's latest State of Sales Enablement report....

Tags: Insight, SharePoint Server, Wikis
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5. February 2016 - 21:43 | Tech Target

At the 2016 TDWI Executive Summit in Las Vegas, business intelligence managers detailed moves by their organizations to embrace self-service BI tools -- and the benefits that followed.

Tags: Business intelligence, Clustering, Customer relationship management, Data governance, Editor, Editors, Hadoop, IBM, SAP, Twitter
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5. February 2016 - 21:18 | CMSWire

LinkedIn admitted it failed to accurately forecast the resources required to scale the B2B ad targeting platform it acquired from Bizo in 2014. It plans to terminate the offering. As a result, it...

Tags: Automation, Conferences, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mountain View, New York, Oracle Corporation, Prospect, Targeting, Twitter
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5. February 2016 - 20:44 | CMSWire

The other night I sat down to pay some bills online.  You'd think companies would have a vested interest in making this function as easy as possible.  But I ran into such a poor implementation of...

Tags: Big data, California, Creative Commons, Google, Inc., Information management, Knowledge worker, Search engines, Synonymy
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