Linked Data & data integration

Ready for the future of information management!

The growing data wave rolls irresistibly and finding the needle in the haystack is more challenging than ever before. But what if there came up more and more haystacks and we needed to link those first before we can begin to search?

Especially in enterprises, it becomes more and more difficult to provide contextualised data. The availability and matching of diverse data sources becomes more crucial and therefore the need for standards-based tools for information management is growing.

Semantic Web Company as your Partner

Some key concepts to tackle those issues are Linked Data, metadata management and Semantic Web.

  • leverage the value of distributed and heterogeneous information by a most effective metadata management
  • transform your data to Linked Data in a controlled and strategic manner
  • profit from oodles of free available data in the cloud
  • publish interesting and relevant parts of your data

What's the effort good for?

With regard to the massive growth of data, conventional efforts fail and the complexity of processes within organisations ask for precise ways to channel data in a qualified way. Set up your information management for the new demands and profit from data integration on a semantic level!

With our expertise focused on Linked Data and Semantic Web, we conduct you at all relevant levels towards a Linked Data company. Regarding your long-term targets we identify the best strategy and offer support during the technical reorganisation. As a partner of the biggest European Linked Data project (LOD2), we assure also state-of-the-art knowledge transfer. You can find more information about the LOD2-project here.