Enterprise 2.0

Assigning responsibility to experts

In 1959 Management pioneer Peter Drucker brought the term knowledge worker to us. He shaped the paradigm for environments which foster productivity, whereas nowadays we have new tools for knowledge workers. The principles and technologies of Web 2.0 now allow barrier-free contact between knowledge carriers. They support collaborative knowledge creation and in the organisational context they are most often summerised with the term Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0).

However, technology itself won't lead to the desired effect. Only the sensitive interaction between person, organisation and technology will head to the primary goal, so that

  • employees can share their knowledge and work together collaboratively
  • personal knowledge can be transferred to corporate knowledge

The Semantic Web Company as your partner

During the years we designed and realized successfully many different E2.0 projects (watch our references below). The basics are set by analysing the organisational processes and communications culture. We use methods like storytelling, personas, usage scenarios, and focus groups. Our services include also:

  • Actual condition-analysis and target state-analysis for E2.0 components
  • Solution concepts based on analysis and business use cases
  • Organisational and cultural implementation concepts
  • Conduction while implementing E2.0 components
  • Customising of E2.0 components
  • PlugIn development for your existing infrastructure

Successfully realized Enterprise 2.0 projects

State of Salzburg
Needs analysis and use case specification for the implementation of the new intranet, trainings for Enterprise wikis
End of 2010 to middle of 2011, resp. ongoing

Federal Chamber of Labour Upper Austria (AKOÖ)
Consulting for Intranet 2.0 and corresponding use cases, several technical solutions like MS Sharepoint and Confluence Enterprise Wiki
End of 2010 to middle of 2011, resp. ongoing

UNIQA Assurances AG
Coordination and conduct while creating the whole functional concept for the new intranet and knowledge management system
End of 2008 to beginning of 2010

Austrian Energy & Environment (AE&E Group)
Coordination and conduct while creating the whole functional concept for a knowledge management solution interacting with the existing intranet for worldwide spread departments
Middle of 2009 to end of 2010

Austrian Standards Institute (ASI)
Needs analysis, use case specification and functional concept (incl. technical solutions) for the new intranet and knowledge management system
from end of 2010 ongoing

mediamid digital services GmbH
Consulting for internal and external communication scenarios, functional concept for the new intranet system interacting with a planned new website
Middle of 2010 to end of 2010

A1 mobilkom (today A1 Telekom)
Needs analysis, target definition, use case specification, conception of technical solution and style guide for the new intranet system
2004 to 2005