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PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1 released

11. Juni 2012, by Andreas Blumauer

The main new features of PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1 are:

  1. Autopopulation of Thesauri from DBpedia: The Skossy functionality has been integrated into PPT. You can assign DBpedia categories to concepts and then autopopulate your thesaurus based on data from DBpedia.
  2. Linked Data Based Synonym and Translation Service: You can add labels (pref, alt, hidden) to the concepts of your thesaurus based on suggestions for synonyms and translations provided by data from DBpedia.
  3. ADMS Description for Projects: Metadata for PoolParty projects can now be published according to the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) developed by the joinup project of the European Union.
  4. Windows Theme: A new theme has been added based on the Windows GUI guidelines.