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PoolParty Suite in a nutshell

18. Januar 2012, by Florian Kondert

While being in touch with interested parties about Thesaurus Management, Linked Data technologies and Semantic Enterprise Search we often are challenged with explaining everything we do in a very short timeslot.

Therefore we decided to put everything about PoolParty Suite in that short screencast. This one is perfect if

  • you want to start with an overview and then go further with the more detailed screencasts, FAQs and the documentation or
  • you want go for a little fresh-up about the topics we talked about some time before, or
  • you want to introduce PoolParty Suite to your colleagues without having much time


Of course, this is not everything we can show about PoolParty - it is just an appetizer. If there is anything specific in your mind and you want to evaluate PoolParty in more detail, please let us know and get in contact! We would be happy to support you with identifying a good use case and to build a prototype.

See you at the PoolParty!