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Linked Data Portal for Buildings Performance in Europe launched

16. November 2012, by Thomas Thurner

NGOs, acting as intermediates between politics, economy and citizens are growing out of their role a plain content providers. To service the demands of their stakeholders they have to act also as data and tool provider for their respective communities. The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is such a NGO. And it takes the challenge in building up a data and tools portal for performance issues of the European buildings stock.

Gain Semantic Web Company's expertise in NGO data and service portals (e.g. Reegle, GBPN etc.) BPIE established the "BPIE data hub", that is the first open data portal of its kind for statistical data and policy information on Europe’s building stock. Through its powerful search tool, policy makers, the research community and all other stakeholders interested in the energy performance of European buildings can access detailed data about the building performance of a specific county, search specific parameters and generate speaking graphic visualizations on the fly.

Together with data coming from external linked sources, full country profiles can be as well provided, as cross-country comparisons. Charts, visualizations and the raw data are free for download or embedding into third party websites. As a central knowledge hub, the BPIE data hub comes also with a glossary which may be used further to annotate related content within the domain. The linked data architecture of the hub, ensures, that the BPIE data hub is open for future improvements and broader collaboration efforts within the sector. As a very next step BPIE want to encourage other relevant organizations to contribute their data and to join BPIE data hub with their input.

So the BPIE data hub is a brilliant example how modern communication strategies of NGOs could look like, and how Linked Data Technologies can play a crucial role within.

About BPIE

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is a European not-for-profit think-do-tank, delivering policy analysis, advice and implementation support. Its focus lays on knowledge creation and dissemination in the field of energy performance in buildings. The Brussels-based institute, in operation since February 2010, is the European partner of the Global Buildings Performance Network.

Mi, 11/14/2012