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Discover our latest product releases at SEMANTiCS Conference!

14. August 2014, by Andreas Blumauer

Semantic Web Company is organizing this year's SEMANTiCS conference together with InfaI (University Leipzig). Meet with us at our booth and learn more about our latest product releases of PoolParty, PowerTagging for DrupalSemantic SP and sOnr webMining.

SEMANTiCS Conference

We are also happy to being able to promote some of the most interesting talks and workshops at SEMANTiCS conference:

  • Linked Data based Healtcare Information Systems: The Healthdirect Australia Story by J. Humffray, F. Huber
  • SKOS as the focal point of linked data strategies by A. Blumauer
  • Semantics in Sharepoint 2013 by A. Molnar
  • Judicial knowledge platform JURION – Wolters Kluwer‘s way into the digital future by M. Brunner and C. Dirschl
  • Poster: Processing RDF Data in UnifiedViews by T. Knap
  • Geoscientific data in excitement! –Thesaurus as a tool to harmonize and standardize spatial geodata in context of INSPIRE by C. Hörfarter, H. Nagy
  • Digital marketing 360 metadata by H. Hänninen
  • Sketch-based Ontology Authoring Interfaces for Non-Experts in Knowledge Modelling by M. Brade
  • The user's discovery of the semantic jungle by M. O. Hartmann
  • Office Graph and Codename “Oslo” by A. Molnar
  • Easy SPARQling for the Building Professional by M. Kaltenböck
  • The DBpedia Communications Group by M. Kaltenböck
  • Linked Data Harvester by A. Blumauer
  • Industrializing Your Organization's Semantic Technology Platform by T. Kelly
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