Company History

The company was founded in 2004 (as a spin-off of its predecessor company 'punkt. netServices') by four people: Andreas Blumauer, Andreas Koller, Martin Kaltenböck and Tassilo Pellegrini. SWC was founded to offer professional knowledge transfer services in the area of the upcoming Semantic Web.

Our basic idea of how to realise innovations is to let ideas grow organically. Speed kills from the very beginning.

  • 2001: Foundation of punkt. netServices
  • 2004: Foundation of Semantic Web School
  • 2005: The company initiated the SEMANTiCS conference series, today one of the largest conferences about semantic technologies in Europe
  • 2008: The initial name of the company "Semantic Web School" was replaced by "Semantic Web Company" (SWC) due to a shift of the focus on commercial consulting services
  • 2009: SWC releases the first version of PoolParty
  • 2010: The company became partner of LOD2, one of the largest EU-projects in the area of linked data
  • 2011: Semantic Web Company (SWC) merges with its former parent company punkt. netServices and continues trading under the name of Semantic Web Company GmbH
  • 2013: SWC releases PoolParty 4 which comprises a large bundle of enterprise-ready semantic services based on linked data standards; PoolParty has evolved into a widely acknowledged semantic technology platform
  • 2015: More than 100 installations of PoolParty worldwide; KM World listed PoolParty Semantic Suite as Trend-Setting Product 2015
  • 2016: SWC releases PoolParty 5.x; Semantic Web Company Named to KMWorld’s 2016 ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’