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Linked Data & data integration

The growing data wave rolls irresistibly and finding the needle in the haystack is more challenging than ever before. But what if there came up more and more haystacks and we needed to link those first before we can begin to search?

Data-, Information- and Knowledge Portals

Public sector bodies, governments and NPO/NGO organisations as well as enterprises are facing new challenges in the field of data-, information- and knowledge management. The Semantic Web Company (SWC) provides powerful solutions based on...

Taxonomy and Thesaurus Management

Thesauri are used to create controlled vocabularies. They describe concepts, labels and synonyms as well as relations between concepts in a standardized format. Thesauri and taxonomies support professional metadata management which becomes more...

Our Research Projects

The Semantic Web Company takes an active role in national and international research projects. As industrial partner we provide application oriented expertise and scrutinize cutting edge academic research for its reusability...

upcoming events

  • 27. November 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00, Vienna, Austria

    Publishing high-quality data on the web becomes a key issue as in total quantity of published data as also data reuse increases rapidly. This Friday Lunch Lecture investigates on how a CSV file has to "look like" to ensure high quality in reuse. Jürgen Umbrich und Sebastian Neumaier give insights on the topic in a brief talk. 

  • 15. December 2015 - 16:00 to 19:30, Vienna, Austria

    Big Data can be found in Sectors like Climate, Energy, Food, Health, Transport, Security, and Social Sciences – the most important societal challenges tackled by Horizon 2020 Programme. 

success stories

Climate Tagger helps at a time when information is vast but knowledge is fragmented.
API content pool can increase the outreach of your documents hugely
Australian Health Thesaurus (AHT) and PoolParty are integral to our search and content management strategy!
Energy Buildings Performance Scenarios as Linked Open Data
First semantic expert finder for the water sector.
a brilliant example how modern data strategies of NGOs could look like
Semantic web technologies are one solution to linking education data in Australia
REEEP is a worldwide pioneer in the area of clean energy linked open data with their open data portal
The UNIQA Group Austria contracted the Semantic Web Company to give support in requirements specification and conceptual...
The State of Salzburg uses Atlassian Confluence Enterprise wiki to enable collaborative mechanisms and communication...
The Open Commons Region Linz pushes the topic of Open Government Data and is one of the pioneers of this topic in Austria...
There was a massive positive echo on the start of vienna open governemt services. A positive feedback for a courageous step...
... the opportunity to participate in the developments regarding harmonization, standardization and interoperability of...
Considering fast development in the web world, reegle has recently undergone a total make-over to establish itself at the...


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